We Get Business People Money

Since we’re Commercial-Business Loan Brokers partnering with numerous traditional banks, non-bank and private funding sources who provide financing for both simple and tough lending transactions, we do not have specific parameters with respect to revenue, credit scores, geography, industry type, loan size, collateral or lack thereof etc.

We Charge NO UP-FRONT FEES, and our application process starts with a simple starter questionnaire, followed by a “client friendly” worksheet, which guides us in choosing the right loan option(s) for our client’s specific loan scenarios. Upon receipt of the worksheet, we can then prepare for final processing, and underwriting.

Our SBA Loan funding partner uses bank compliant platforms which helps increase the likelihood of a loan approval. We match business owners and their specific scenarios with the program(s) likely to fund most favorably, while nearly 90% of the qualified applications processed through our SBA lender partner, gets approved.

Our Alternative & Term Loan Funding Options include many loan programs for business owners with varied credit and income profiles are perfect for business owners who are unable to obtain funding through Traditional Banks or the SBA, for whatever reason.

Our Commercial Real Estate (Traditional & Custom) Funding Options consider all property types, all credit types, and welcome foreclosure bailouts and alternative/stated income scenarios.

EasyLoanHelper is proud to be a part of the solution for the 80% of underserved Commercial / Small Business Owners who are unable to obtain the financing they need, when they need it. Let Us Help!

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