Commercial Real Estate Finance

We Provide Businesses With The Capital They Need To Acquire & Grow Their Businesses

Getting an equity-based traditional bank, non-bank or private money loan should be quick and easy. That’s why we focus on getting you approved and funded fast. We do loans on almost any property type with more options than any other equity-based lender. We work off of appraised value, not purchase price and have a long history of helping our borrowers get projects done.

NO Up-Front Processing Fees, and our application process starts with a simple starter questionnaire over the phone, followed by a “client friendly” worksheet, which guides us in choosing the right loan option(s) for our client’s specific loan scenario. Upon receipt of the worksheet, with our client’s assistance, we gather all the necessary documents then prepare for final processing, and underwriting. 

Since we’re commercial / business loan brokers partnering with numerous traditional banks, non-bank and private funding sources who provide financing for both simple and tough commercial situations, we do not have specific parameters with respect to revenue, credit scores, geography, industry type, loan size, collateral or lack thereof etc.

* Our Commercial Loan Amounts Range From $25,000 to ($ Unlimited) With Interest Rates Starting As Low As 4.75% (prime +) With Terms Ranging From 2 to 25 Years. 

Common Uses Of Funds

  • Start ups, land and property acquisitions and developments, expansions or equipment purchases
  • Foreclosure bailouts
  • Obtain working capital
  • Bridge loans
  • Partner buy-outs
  • From personal guaratee to non-recourse
  • and more


  • Flexible Funding Amounts From $100,000 - $50,000,000 and more*
  • Fixed rates, ARMs and Interest only options - (lower monthly payments)
  • All property types considered
  • All Personal Credit Types Considered
  • Bankruptcies OK
  • No use of funds restrictions
  • Foreclosure bailouts OK
  • Full Doc/Stated income available
  • After Repair Value appraisal (California and Arizona)

*Higher loan amounts available on case by case basis


  • Completed Loan Application
  • Property photos - interior and exterior
  • Last 2/3 years business 1040's
  • 12 month income statement (if property is income producing)
  • Debt schedule
  • Purchase sale agreement - (if purchase mortgage)
  • Additional documentation may be required after pre-qualification

REQUIREMENTS (Call To Discuss Your Specific Scenario Today)

TIB0 (for startup)
JUDGMENTS AND LIENSYes if in payment plan
SECURED OR UNSECUREDUnsecured/Secured Available
FUNDING AMOUNT$100,000 - $50,000,000+
LTV50-70% + (case by case)

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