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Low Fees Credit Processing

Are You Interested In Keeping More Of What You Earn?

Eliminate Up To 95% Of Your Processing Fees. Save Money With Our Standard Processing Solutions, Or Save A Bunch With Our New Edge Processing.

Wide Selection of Equipment, Next Day Funding and Exceptional Service.

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No Deductible Employer Health Plans

Check Out Why So Many Employers Are Choosing Our Exclusive No Deductible SBA Freedom Protect Group Plans for Themselves and Their Valued Employees.

Finally, Employers and their Employees can now benefit from Lower Monthly Payments, No-Deductibles, 1st Dollar Coverage, in the Largest PPO Network in The United States with ACA & ERISA Compliance, and to make health better, Unused Claims are Refunded back to the Employers.

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Telcom / It Solutions

Need Help With Your IT Services?

No Matter How Large Or Complex Your Business Communications Needs Are, DAC Telecom Powered by AppSmart Can Analyze Your Situation, And Deliver The Latest And Best Technologies At The Best Value.

We Represent All The Major Providers.

Voice, Mobility, Cloud, Data/Internet And Managed Services, Under One Roof

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